About G-Expressions

G-Expressions’ mission is to support young people aged 10-25 to dance, develop, and achieve their dreams. Through dance, theatre, and leadership activities, we give young people the confidence, tools, and skills to achieve their goals and supportive conditions in which to grow and thrive. We then encourage them to go out and have new experiences which they then bring back and share with their younger peers.

Dance, Theatre and Leadership

As a result of our work, young people’s talent is recognised within the community. They are better able to work together, they understand their options and they have more opportunities to live a successful, enriching life. We don’t lay claim to our young people and their achievements. We believe the more experiences you have in life, the better.

Young people’s testimonials:

“There’s a family feel to the company”//

“My confidence has grown massively”//

“I feel better about myself after every session”//

“It’s changed me in a better way”//

“It’s the best thing I’ve done, becoming part of the team”//