Dance Leaders

G-expressions provides a range of opportunities for young people, parents, and volunteers to get involved!

You have the opportunity to Engage, Develop and Lead.

Engage, develop and lead

Undertake dance leader courses, which will equip you to plan, prepare, and assist dance sessions. You also have the opportunity with G-Expressions’ leadership and facilitation expertise to potentially lead on dance classes and events. 

Within a range of different settings, using G-Expressions members as your mentors; the dance leaders course provides you with the skills and abilities to run your own dance class!

What our Dance Leaders say about their experience..

“The course pushed me out of my comfort zone, but the tutors were very supportive and helped me to feel comfortable and grow in confidence.”

“The course helped me how to be confident whilst I teach and to reflect on my mistakes and grow from them.”

“Whilst on the course, I gained a lot of confidence, and learnt about new dance styles , which I can now use in my teaching.”

“I have made a lot of new friends whilst on the Dance Leaders course with G-Expressions”