Throughout the evening of G-Expression’s 10 year anniversary, members of the GX community were recognised for their contribution, dedication and commitment to the arts and to their community. The GX awards recognised individuals hard work and celebrated a journey of over a decade.

Allies award– Urban Circle

The award was aiming to pin point that allie ship and support of social projects requires a deep understanding of the issues we as an agency and our service users face. Patience, support, kindness, empathy, resilience, keen hear to listen and learn new things especially if they are hard to digest. These are some of the needs of an ally. 


Outstanding Parent Award- Sarah Morris

Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen many young people through our doors- but have always welcomed parents, guardians and families into our team. Parents and guardians help to shape our GX community. This award strives to highlight a parent who goes the extra mile to support their children and their community.

Leadership Award- Jeseca

We have backed and supported entreneurialiship for 10 years. This award goes to highlighting new budding creative people that have aligned their crafts to a tangible securement of their own future and have the ability to be an employer and creator for their community is an asset to the communities we work within. 

Young stars Award-Mya-Elise, Tasia and Chayse

Some young people show such exuberance and flair for creativity and after a few opportunities are explored they become  positive role models for other young people. This award aimed to put young people on a pedestal especially ones that are on an immediate path of success in some areas. 

 Teen Community role model award– Leontay Derby

We support interagency work and realise young people learn from each other the best. Peer based education has been so powerful in making learning stick.

Partner recoginition- University South Wales

We need partners that are committed to developing the opportunities for young people. These partners must be commended as we carry on to build new interagency orotundities that can stand the test of time. 

Full expression-  TAYCE

Being bold and fearless is required. This award supports fearlessness in making and creating new routes for others to take. This award aimed to highlight what work over several years can result in.