Over the last 10 years, G-Expressions have produced and performed four sell out stage productions, with the fifth in the pipeline- but in line with the climate this year, things have had to be pushed back. Whilst it’s disappointing, as an organisation we have learned so much from the last year, and realised there are still many opportunities we can embrace.

So this year… we are bringing you a first for G-Expressions…..

Our first online theatre play.

Over the last few weeks our drama groups have been busy, planning, scripting and rehearsing ahead of two online theatre pieces which will take place in July.

The Virtual Adventure- by our Junior drama class.

This group of friends all have very different personalities and are starting to get a bit bored of the same routine. Lucy decides they should think of ways to have fun when all of a sudden a voice inside the computer interrupts their conversation, with hesitation and uncertainty the girls find themselves on a virtual adventure guided by their new friend inside the computer, who helps them to think about the things they want to do when they grow up…

CLICK HERE: For tickets for ‘The Virtual Adventure’

The Incident- by our Senior drama class.

We are taken through the journey as the head teacher calls on his 4 final suspects who had been situated near the scene at the time of The Incident. In this interactive online play, 4 students give their version of events and ask YOU, the school governors (audience members) to help the head teacher make the final decision on who is guilty of being responsible for ‘The Incident’.

CLICK HERE: For tickets for ‘The Incident’