I have had a passion for performing my whole life, it’s naturally in my blood. Being able to express myself through different forms of creativity, through drama, music, dance and even writing, was my way of dealing with any type of emotion as a child.

I love to perform and be able to transform into somebody else as well as seeing new ideas and stories come to life through theatre.

In Da House 2019 discusses the story of the Chartists and their fight for democracy and equal rights among others but relates back to today and the people of society who are still fighting for ‘freedom’.

The theme is democracy and explains how everyone wants to live in a democratic country and feel equal. Living in Newport and knowing about the Chartists, I felt this was a good topic to touch upon especially with everything Newport Rising are currently doing. It was also a great subject to be able to educate our young people on the stories of their hometown, that some of them have never really heard about.

Doing this drama piece, I wanted to be able to not only educate our young people but educate our council and professionals who may not see things from our perspective.

I wanted to be able to show how the fight for freedom is still so relevant. The vast majority of people are still fighting for it today. I wanted to show the power behind the word democracy.

As a beginner I don’t feel I could give much advice. This is the first project I took the lead on and my first script that is being used for the public. For me it’s still a learning process but if I was to give any advice at all, I would say to write what you know and what you feel passionate about. Also, always listen to your cast, they may have the greatest ideas!

Real life experiences always make great stories. Sharing a story with a message that people can relate to and make them think about life.

The best plays I have seen are The Mountaintop and Hard Knock Life. There are so many to choose from. The obvious would be a musical, as I love them, but these two story lines stuck out for me.