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Hi my name is Corie-Mya

 I am the new Young Leaders Welsh Translations Officer for G-Expressions, my role is to work alongside the other members of the team to translate any work produced into Welsh in order to publish. The importance of my role to introduce the Welsh language into the organization in order to target Welsh speakers. I have been volunteering with G expressions for roughly 10 months now and have learned a load of new skills, I have become more organized, confident and Independent through working with the team and cannot wait to see what else I can learn.

My journey with the team first started off when I completed my dance leaders’ level 1+2 and first aid course. I chose to get involved with the dance leaders’ course as I’ve danced most of my life and feel really passionate and dedicate my life to dance. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to complete my dance leaders’ course as I could and would love to go onto teach in the future. I found the course really beneficial and educating, as now I feel I know things I would never have known before. The highlight of the course was, being able to plan my own routine, and having the opportunity to teach my first independent class. There were a number of challenges, such as being put on the spot, having different scenarios that id has to deal with such as injuries, etc, but overall this prepped me well for the future.

Then in September, I become part of Urban Circle Productions. Being involved in Urban Circle meant  I attend weekly meetings to discuss our ideas in order to plan each event at a time then after we had done the event to evaluate our work. I have helped plan a number of events such as the Halloween and Valentine’s shutdown. My favourite part of organising the events was planning what roles everyone was going to be doing and also the process of selling the tickets. I loved being involved in the organisation as it was such a friendly environment to be in and this meant there weren’t many challenges that we faced.

I feel very excited and pleased to have worked my way up as a young person to now an employee of G-Expressions, I wanted to work with this company as ai feel like they’re a very welcoming team who offer loads of opportunities to young people like me that you can’t get elsewhere. I also think many more young people like myself, should jump at the chance to get involved in the organisation as it can benefit many young people in the future.

I cannot wait to be more involved with the team and see where the journey takes me.