Hey, My name is Jude.

I have been with G-Expressions for 7 years and this is a bit of my journey and how I got to where I am now- working as a GX Dance Mentor.

It started back in 2013….I was interested in dance from a young age and it’s all I wanted to do, but I never signed up for any classes- until my mum had a friend who did dance and she started to give me private lessons. It was her that told me about G-Expressions, she was a member at the time and encouraged me to get involved and go to one of their classes.

So I ended up going to the Monday sessions with Binti

….and I was practicing there for a bit but soon she asked me if I wanted to do a show called ‘Make or Break’ and straight away I was then practicing for this show. Looking back now, I think this really helped my growth since it just pushed me into the deep end and I was dancing with a bunch of really good dancers. And even though I’ve only been practicing for three weeks, I was managing to keep up.

G-Expressions Presents Hard Knock Life

Soon after that I went on to do my Dance Leaders qualification, and I was able to make up dances for the different shows and was able to get experience in teaching.

I’ve been teaching now for 3 years and I feel as though g-expressions have up skilled me into being the teacher I am today which I will be forever grateful for.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, I have been working with Danielle and Binti for most of this year and have been given even more opportunities. I will say I have learned a lot from this experience because as a teacher now I feel like I can make routines faster and be more efficient in the process of making these routines. I also feel I can teach them with confidence which is something that has taken time. Learning from them has also showed me how to interact with different people as I have been teaching people from different backgrounds, and also learning a lot about how to share the material I make with people on the GExpressions social media profiles- so I have been able to reach a lot more people, even though we’ve been in lockdown. The whole year has made me be more open minded and also welcome to different teaching opportunities as I feel now I can teach anyone.

Its been an amazing and life changing seven years and now I can’t wait to see what comes next.