Hello all, I’m Iesha. I am a dance tutor at G expressions and that is me in the middle of that group picture above.

I’ve been involved with G Expressions since I was 12 years old and now at age 23 I am extremely proud of both myself and G Expressions for the progression that has been made. I started out with G expressions as a dancer and a student taught by Talieh and Binti in the YMCA. I was young, shy and insecure. G Expressions has allowed me to do so many things over the years. Build my confidence, improve my skills, express myself and make great friends. Now as someone who has more involvement in working along side those who I had always looked up too, I can look back and truly identify my growth.

Me now

Being a dancer from ages 12 to age 17 gave me some of the best experiences so far. Entering competitions and having dance battles along side people who had the same aspirations as me are some of my best memories. The fact that I am a part of the first generation of dancers that had been taught by G Expressions gives me great pride.

A young me alongside a fellow dancer and friend

My recent goals within G Expressions were to get more involved in teaching dance classes to a wider range of ages and most importantly to get more involved in producing creative content and organising events, along side my own personal goals in music and film. I’m gradually achieving these one by one starting with 18+ dance classes that I teach with Talieh. It feels phenomenal to now be able to teach with the person who firstly taught me.

Opportunities within G Expressions are amazing things for young people to get involved in as it allows them to bring to life ideas, showcase their talents and interact with other like minded people. It also allows young people to make life long friends.

During my latest performance

G Expressions is an organisation that also allows me to work around my current part time job. Being an organisation of family and close friends who understand each other and each other’s commitments and needs we work around our schedules.

Overall, G Expressions is an amazing organisation that can benefit anyone of any age. We are a company that is welcoming and determined to bring joy to those around us and improve our community. Anyone and everyone is free to be a part of the organisation and I prompt everyone to get involved in anyway they can.

Iesha x

Myself modelling