Episode 6: Say it how it is podcast

For our sixth episode of ‘Say it how it is’, we were joined by the team at Gwent Police, who shared with us their best advice and top tips for using the internet safely.

Over the last 12 months, so much of our social contact is now online, from homeschooling, socialising… and even dance and drama classes! Screen time and social media use is at it’s highest- so it has never been more important that we know how to use the platforms we utilise safely and to their proper use, and also how to help those around us do the same.

“If you wouldn’t put it on your front door for the world to see- don’t put it on the internet.”

A fantastic piece of advice from Gwent DCC, and something we should all think about what using social media and sharing content with our followers.

For more tips and advice, tune in to the full episode below;