Episode 4: Say it how it is podcast.

For our fourth episode of ‘Say it how it is’, we were joined by Asha-Jane, who engaged with us in a discussion surrounding relationships and the pressures that are pressed upon young people around dating.

In the week leading up to the episode; we asked you; our community, your views surrounding this topic, and you told us…..

75% of young people we asked on Instagram said the pandemic has made being in a relationship harder. 

Pressures young people feel towards relationships; 

-Pressures from Social media 
-Difficulty in keeping relationships private (influenced by social media) 
-Staying separated and missing out on having time to connect in lockdown 
-Social media- Comparing yourself to other couples. 
-The pressure of having to impress your friends who are also in relationships 

What makes for a healthy Relationship?
-Ability to have a laugh 

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