Youth Voice Week 2020– Written by Danielle Webb (G-Expressions Assistant Comms Officer)

An introduction to Communications

Creative expression is creative communication– Fez Miah (G-Expressions Comms Officer)

“The GX communication team are rehearsed in areas of traditional and digital media as well as dual-language applications. With a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility the strategy we take involved “leaving no stone unturned” and approaching every chance to be creative and to be accessible by the widest groups of people.

The marketing strategy demonstrated by G-Expressions, has been designed from 10 years of experience firstly in community engagement and development and with newer business development skills.

The task of widening our online social presence, and leaning towards a digital approach, especially in recent climates, has encouraged GX to see the connected network in a more wholesome and connected manner. Allowing staff to value the breadth of their network and to encourage them all to have a deeper understanding of the power of communication”

Online Classes- ZOOM

The Covid-19 pandemic saw a dramatic change to working methods and the way our everyday norms needed to be approached. As a result of funding received from Arts Council Wales, we as an organisation were able to continue to support young people through these testing times, and continue to provide a service, in which young people could engage, and enjoy the arts which they felt passionately about. Zoom was the prime host of our online classes between June and September 2020- and as a result, we were able to deliver 7 weekly sessions, Free for the community- focusing on Theatre, Dance, Film, and Music.

Going where our young people are:

With face-to-face contact no longer an option, we recognised that as a team, our young people could no longer come to us; so we made it our mission to go to them. Over the lockdown period, G-Expressions grew a total of 5 new social media platforms. The key focuses being Tiktok, Instagram- and most recently Snapchat. Our own research and development had shown us that these were the platforms most used by our members, and as such; we took it upon ourselves to learn the ways of such platforms; and transition our teaching content, into fun, interactive, challenges, and tutorials for young people to get involved with each week.

Over the course of the months; our platforms grew- and both tutors and dance leaders have used such platforms as a pedestal to continue to engage with our members, and provide a safe space in which young people can share creativity and have fun, in a world that otherwise holds many uncertainties.

Sharing what we have learned:

As a team, we know that one of the most powerful uses of knowledge is to share it, which is why we have produced a Communications Guide; which we hope will be a visual guide for other professionals, who are looking to grow their online presence.

Welsh Language download available!