Urban School of Arts 0ur brand-new original story filled with dance and drama about young people surviving their journey through performing arts school, all in hopes of pursuing their dreams of becoming artists.  Whilst exploring their own identities and finding their true voice, these growing young people only want to be heard and find freedom in a world that can sometimes feel confusing and claustrophobic.

Our show ‘URBAN SCHOOL OF ARTS’ premiered on the stage of The Riverfront theatre Newport in February 2023- being GX’s first ever original production.  Through following the journey of the six main characters, the story of USA raised awareness of the hard-hitting topics around exploitation, gang culture, county lines, substance misuse, discrimination, and mental health- through the medium of dance, music, and theatre it put the Expression, in G-Expressions. Telling the story of Newport, In such a creative way. 

The show was a sell-out, leaving people with mixed emotions of both joy and sadness. There were tears, laughs and times of silence as the cast delivered these powerful storylines. 

With original music and choreography by the GX Team, Mentors and professional artists in the industry, the live show was a realistic look into young people’s lives, showing challenges and barriers of chasing their dreams. 

You can now watch a live recording of the show online. If you didn’t get to see it in person, catch it in the comfort of your own home. For just £2.99 with a copy of the show programme mailed directly to you, you can purchase ‘Urban school of arts’ and it will be available for 30days