A year in the life of a student with G-Expressions.

Danielle Webb, Assistant Comms Officer.

Since starting as a student with G-Expressions in October 2018, before then becoming Assistant Communications Officer in January 2020; I have learned a lot, how to manage employment amongst a full time degree, how to build websites, edit photos, grow and maintain social media platforms- but really my biggest lessons have been so much more than any of those things.

I’ve learned the value of hard work.

I’ve learned if you want something enough; and you put in the effort…. you can achieve it- even in the midst of a global pandemic.

I’ve learned that team work, really does make the dream work, and that you’re only as weak as your team…. (So really you’ll never be weak at all)

I’ve learned that sharing is caring. And we all have something that we can share in some way, be it with the community, our colleagues or those who look to us for guidance.

I’ve learned that solidarity and kindness are both the most important and precious things any of us can ever showcase- we all have power to shape this world how we wish it to be.

I’ve learned that with the right people around you- the opportunities are endless. Even those you never knew existed… (For example the role of an Assistant Communications Officer)

I’ve learned that you can only truly learn by doing, and sometimes by making mistakes, and that sometimes the only way you learn how to swim, is by finding yourself in the deep end.

But most importantly; above everything else. I’ve learned that the professional I am, is only the seed of the professional I am able to become…. and even she is far beyond my wildest dreams.